last year, last month

by oaks

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released June 15, 2013



all rights reserved


oaks Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: fisheye lenses
i told you i was smoking so you'd think about me, and how i had changed in just a few weeks. i wish i had started by making you laugh and not just proving that i was weak. i am pathetic; i am a headache and i will never mean anything to you. but all that i do, i do to impress you. i want you to know that you're my everything and you are the voice to every song i sing. i am a haunted house full of ghosts that just beg to come out, i am the color of beer you stole and spilled on the floor. i am the knock at your door. please let me in, i miss my best friend.
Track Name: haunted house
remember when we were freshmen and we would go out every weekend? what fun life was when i wasn't staring at the ground. you've been my best friend for so long and i just want you to sing along to all the songs i wrote for you. i miss your bedroom; i miss the nights we didn't sleep and how we would spend every week together. i could never imagine a better friend than you. i need to get out of this place some nights, i need to get out of my head sometimes, i need to get ahold of myself so that i can feel alive. and the houses all shudder when we close the shutters; i'm glad you're in my life. when my ghosts come out, they shout "franco it's gonna be okay"; the lyrics to every song that we've never played.
Track Name: powder blue socks
i've been thinking of you like a photograph of the last time we touched. can i kiss you again, or is that too much? your hand left mine and i got lost trying to find my way out, to find my way out. i'd heard your voice falter but never like that. you can still pick me up, but not from two thousand miles away. are you okay? is this okay? i picture you every day. your hands feel like home but i am so alone with you back in ohio. maybe it's okay like this. i will let you go if that's what you want, more scared of this than the parks that we haunt. we're seperated by state lines, and i can't find a reason to keep this alive.